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About Joint Replacement


1. What is a joint replacement surgery?

In simple terms, a joint replacement surgery is a procedure wherein orthopedic surgeons replace the damaged areas of your joints with artificial parts. This type of surgical procedure is performed upon different joints of the body based on the problem area of the patient. For example, a patient suffering from severe pain in the knees will be advised to go for a total knee replacement surgery. Depending on the area of problem and the type of symptoms shown, the doctors will advise joint replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, etc.

2. What is a total knee replacement?

A total knee replacement is a process wherein the damaged cartilage and underlying worn out bone surface is removed and replaced with artificial implants and newer smoother bearing surfaces. Alsoreferred to as total knee arthroplasty, this process infuses a fresh lease of life into the weakened and worn out joints restoring complete movement and agility in the patient’s life.

3. What are the symptoms that I need to watch out for?

If you are experiencing symptoms like discomfort while walking, severe pain in the joints, are unable to climb stairs swiftly, experiencing discomfort while sitting, you better take these symptoms seriously! Visit the doctor to get a careful examinations and diagnosis of the problem because there are all symptoms indicating the weakening of joints that gradually requires joint replacement surgery.

4. Is it painful?

Given the technical advancements in the domain of healthcare, performing a knee replacement surgery or any type of joint replacement surgery is relatively easier. At Aditya, we use the minimal invasive procedure and provide best in class pre operative care as well as post op care to ensure minimal pain to the patient.

5. Do I need it?

Most patients coming in for knee replacement surgeries are between the age group of 50 to 80 years. However, this is not a necessary thing that everyone suffering from knee arthritis requires replacement suregery and therefore the doctors analyze every patient individually before prescribing the mode of treatment. In case of various types of joint replacement surgeries, age is just one of the factors. Doctors also prescribe such surgeries to patients suffering from other bone disorders like posttraumatic arthritis due to past fractures in and around joints.

6. What are bone disorders?

There can be many types of bone disorders like fractures, bone tumours,inflammatory disorders of bone, metabolic disorders like Gout, immunological disorders like rheumatoid arthrities, degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis,tendenopathies,spondylities etc.

7. Is there an alternative to the surgery?

Surgery is usually recommended only if non-surgical treatments, such as physiotherapy and exercise, taking medicines or using physical aids like a walking stick, no longer help to reduce pain or improve mobility. Alternative surgical procedures include osteotomy (where the leg bones are reshaped),arthroscopy(small hole only be made for surgery and whole operation is being done through that hole usually without any stiches),various kind of splints,lifestyle modifications etc. Your surgeon will explain your options to you.

8. What is the risk of complication?

We take all possible care to ensure complete care & safety of the patient while performing any of the joint replacement procedures. Specific complications of knee replacement are uncommon, but here is a brief idea about the possible complications:

Infection – Proper pre operative evaulation of patients, intime control of conditon like diatbets,hypertension,anaemia,meticulous and clean surgical procedure,avoidance of major bledding and proper postoperative antibiotics administrations and dressing care prevents chances of infection after surgery.

Deep Vein Thrombosis – Low molecular weight heparin and proper physiotherapy prevents Deep vein thrombosis.

Usually total knee replacement is the surgery which has almost 96 pecentage succsess rate!! Provided it is being done in properly indicated patient and right surgeon with good training and surgical skill is perfoming it there are very less chances of complication in this mordern era of orthopaedics and joint replacement. Adding to it now a days type of joint replacement implants are available in amazing variety and customised form suiting every patient’s bone type and lifestyle necessities. So, with help of these advance implants selection we can have more and more favourable result after joint replacement surgery.

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