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Hip Replacement

Total Hip Joint Replacement Hospital in Gujarat

Hip is the most important joint of the body as it relays the weight share of whole upper body upon lower limb. A person cannot even imagine the kind of stress and load he puts upon his/her hip joints during various activities like standing, walking, running, jumping, cross leg sitting , squatting etc..

During all these activities hip joint comes under tremendous stress but due to a very complex and durable bony and ligamentous alignment systems given to us by mother nature usually it sustains well. But certain conditions like old hip fractures, improper blood supply to hip joint’s bones (like in AVN), old age, weaken bony architecture (osteoporosis), some bone tumors, metabolic bone diseases like Gout, some immunological disease like Rheumatoid arthritis etc. are the reasons because of which the hip joint may need joint replacement surgery which is called the total hip joint replacement.


Sometimes only one component of hip joint need to be replaced. This procedure is called hemireplacement of hip joint means half hip joint replacement.

Hip Joint Replacement Surgery Procedure

At Aditya joint replacement center minimally invasive procedures and accurate instrumentations ensures that hip replacement surgery not only gets successful but also very satisfactory results for the patients. Besides offering accurate and precise surgical outcomes Aditya joint replacement center offers many bearing surfaces option in Total hip replacement surgery to the patients. There are many surface options are available for the weight bearing surfaces used in artificial implants in hip replacement surgery. Usually patients and their relatives don’t know anything about them.

Our Hip Replacement Approach

We at Aditya Orthopedic Hospital and joint replacement center give detailed descriptions of all available bearing surface options like metal on poly, ceramic on poly or ceramic on ceramic etc. which are available with imported international companies made joint implants. Judicious use of these bearing surfaces according to patient’s demands and necessity can make a remarkable difference in post oprative results. Our competent physiotherapy team does marvels when it comes to rehabilitate the operated patients for hip replacement surgery. With these all above mentioned factors adds our honest and transparent approach to the patient which we think is the only and should be the only reason of our success.

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