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Ahmedabad Based Orthopedic Hospital

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

We use a holistic treatment approach for all our patients. Our team of doctors chart out a comprehensive healthcare plan in terms of providing a detailed pre-op consulting and an equally well planned post operative care for complete recovery.

In line with this tradition, we have a series of features like in-house imaging facilities, orthopedics specialty care unit which provides rehabilitation and imaging services to patients.

We are well equipped to handle cases dealing with every genre of orthopedics starting from spine, ankle, knee, to foot, hand and shoulder. The hospital provides treatments catering to Musculo Skeletal Disorders (MSD) like fractures, dislocation of joints, arthritis, etc. In addition to it, we use cutting edge technology and latest orthopedic procedures to treat Musculo Skeletal Diseases, injuries, infections or disorders.

In fact, we are considered to be one of the best options in the state of Gujarat when it comes to joint replacement surgeries.

Our Specialization


Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery has evolved in last two decades as a surgery which adds a quality life in patient’s latter years of the life and makes it more enjoyable, independent and a self-respecting one. Before development of this surgery many people who were suffering from advanced arthritis of knee joints…


Hip Replacement

Hip is the most important joint of the body as it relays the weight share of whole upper body upon lower limb. A person cannot even imagine the kind of stress and load he puts upon his/her hip joints during various activities like standing, walking, running, jumping, cross leg sitting, squatting etc..


Trauma & Fracture

Traumatic injuries due to various kind of accidents may they be domestic or road traffic one impacts heavily upon an individual’s life. With the patient his/her relatives also suffer a large extent of physical and psychological stressed due to these unfortunate and unforeseen events…

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