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Patient Care & Facilities

Aditya is a 15 bedded multi specialty hospital with deluxe rooms, single rooms, twin sharing rooms and also the multi-bed (economic) rooms. Our rooms are well equipped with all the basic facilities like air conditioners, television sets, etc. to ensure complete comfort of the patient during the course of treatment. From in-house diagnostic facilities to being treated by nationally acclaimed doctors, Aditya gives every patient a holistic recovery program. Also, our team of experts keeps the patient informed at every stage during the course of the treatment to ensure that their feedback is always taken into consideration.

  • Our international standard operation theatres are equipped with fully modern Orthopedic Instrumentation, anesthesia units, clean air units and IITV units to enable our doctors to perform every procedure with utmost perfection.
  • Our operation theatres are fitted with a Hydraulic operation table and Laminar Air Flow system which enables air in the operation theater to be free of dust particles and bacteria thereby, minimizing the risk of infection after operation.
  • Additionally, the entire hospital is well ventillated to guarantee a healthy breathing environment for every patient.
  • We also have a team of orthopedicorthopedic surgeons, anaesthetics, physicians and physiotherapists dedicated to provide a wide range of preoperative, peroperativepreoperative and postoperative care.
  • Our experienced, diligent and caring staff is always available on call to ensure efficient service to every patient.

We are committed towards providing better medical care to inpatient and outpatient entrants. We have a series of rehabilitation services that help our patients to traverse the road to recovery. The rehabilitation process is supervised by a dedicated team consisting of health care professionals and physiotherapists.

Our rehabilitation experts review the progress of the patient on a daily basis and make changes whenever necessary. This helps patients in gradually developing a better positive approach towards life in days to come. The core objective of our rehabilitation department is always focused on eradicating the deficits of a wound as well as preventing the injury from invading again.

Trauma is a situation wherein, the patient requires urgent medical attention, else there could be a loss of life. At Aditya, we understand this importance of timely patient care. Therefore, we have developed an in-house trauma care centre dedicated to emergency care of patients who are brought in as a result of casualties. The in-house trauma centre is equipped with modern medical equipments and expert staff to provide emergency medical services to victims suffering from traumatic injuries including accidents or dislocations. Our experts analyze every trauma case and accordingly prescribe the best possible treatment for our patients. The focus is on allowing the fracture to heal and the bone to restore complete functionality.

We have always believed in facilitating our patients with a holistic healthcare approach to aid in their better treatment and speedy recovery. Our in-house examination facilities have been incorporated as a result of this belief.

Our Radiology Unit consists of latest X-Ray machine, Image Intensifier Television which can give live and very accurate images of patient’s bones and joints so that we can do operations without opening of much tissues and provide minimal invasive surgery to our patients which helps in quick wound healing and better outcomes of the procedurs. we also have facilities of expert radiologist and sonologist plus very mordern and latest sonography equipments which shall make our hospital capable enough to treat every kind of medical complaints of patients.

  • Knee Replacement
  • Hip Replacement
  • Complicated fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Arthroscopy and sports injuries
  • Spine surgeries
  • Paediatric fractures and dislocations treatment
  • Physiotherapy and rehabiltaion services

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