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Patient Stories

Coping with osteoarthritis and making a decision about knee replacement can be difficult. Read about others who lived with osteoarthritis and learn how knee replacement helped reduce their pain and restore their mobility.

Jagrutiben Modi

Age at the time of surgery 62 yrs.
Operated for both total knee replacement in 2013.

Pt says “before surgery I was having continuous pain in both of my knees , difficulty in standing and walking, disturb sleep due to pain at night and I used to avoid going out and attend social gatherings due to knee pain , swelling and restricted movements of my legs. I found Aditya hospital very neat and clean, I got excellent support from staff and physiotherapist as they are all well trained and dedicated in field of joint replacement. I found both surgeons very warm, confident and competent. Even smallest of my complaints was very well taken care of in hospital as well as post discharge from the hospital. I was deeply impressed by the alertness of the hospital staff as they would be available on a second’s notice in any time of my need during my stay in hospital. After operation I feel very fresh from the start of my every day from morning to evening. I don’t get tired while walking, I don’t feel like heaviness or stabbing pain in my knees anymore, I always go for walk in morning as well as in evening as per my daily routine. I have gone for overseas tour with my husband to Dubai and I enjoyed every moment of that wonderful journey. I used to walk about 7 to 8 kms per day over there and I didn’t feel any problem at all!! I always attend every single social or religious function in my family now and my perspective towards my latter life has become too much positive after this surgery. I am very thankful to Aditya Hospital for giving me a boost of life in my after years. I request every patient suffering from knee pain to at least visit once Aditya hospital and consult Dr. Amit or Dr. Maharshi. Surely they will find solution for their every problem. I also request them to not be afraid of knee replacements surgery as sometimes I feel I should have got it done earlier!!”

J. P. Tondon

Age at the time of surgery 79 yrs.
Operated for right knee replacement in 2014.

Pt says “I had difficulty in walking in my right knee since long but somehow I did not get convinced by other orthopaedic surgeon for surgery. But when I meet Dr. Amit and Dr. Maharshi I found them extremely knowledgeable and soothing so I got ready to go under their knife!! And I am happy about my decision as I am now feeling completely rejuvenated !! The staff of the hospital was very good and polite, hospital itself was very neat and clean and doctors were just excellent. After surgery I can do all my work and lots of walking . It has given me a new life! I have been to many religious places after the surgery including Somnath and Dwarika, where I felt no difficulty in walking , standing and travelling and now I am spending my life with utmost satisfaction.“

Prabhaben Mandaliya

Age at the time of surgery 64 yrs.
Operated for left knee replacement in 2014.

Pt says” I have to confessed first that even if I was suffering from severe knee pain and disability I was very skeptical about this very surgery and was been avoided it since long. But when I meet these two doctors, Dr. Amit and Dr. Maharshi I found them very calm, composed and well mannered. They listened to my smallest complaint very patiently and give all their attention. They examined me very carefully and answered my every doubt very satisfactorily. I was very assured by knowing that they only operate the patient after carrying proper investigation and physician checkup. I found hospital like my home – quiet, peaceful and tidy. The staff was exceptional. They all seemed to be very well trained.The team of physiotherapist was also wonderful. They just made me do some basic exercise and in no time after surgery I was walking on my legs. I am quite independent now in my daily routine. I go out frequently, I go and enjoy the religious functions and most important thing- I have become quite positive about my life now!! My knee is having very good range of movements and I am very happy to have stable, painless and mobile knee joint with quite a good life!”

Mr. M. D. Vaghela (70 yrs) and Mrs. Lalitaben Vaghela(62 yrs)

Operated for total knee replacements in 2013 and 2014

Pt says “ we both husband and wife were suffering from very bad knee arthritis. Apart from difficulty in carrying out our activity of daily living we had a great problems travelling overseas to meet our son in Australia. We were avoiding going out and meeting people also. We had some questions and apprehensions about knee replacement surgery also. But when we met the doctors of Aditya Orthopaedic Hospital and talked to them they answered all our question with logical answers and explained us in detail about the surgery and after care. Now convinced we decided to go ahead with it and that proved to be a one of the most correct decision we ever made. Hospital staff made our stay at the hospital very comfortable and we were feeling almost at home when we were over there. Anesthetist sir explained us every procedure he was going to perform with such an ease and calmness that my fear of anesthesia was gone before I knew. Operations were totally uneventful and post operation both the doctor made it sure that we were been constantly monitored by them and their staff members. And the physiotherapists of Aditya Hospital were just an exceptional. We were been very well motivated all the time in our post-operative period, our all exercises were been made so much easy and entertaining one while they were around. Their deep understanding of our muscle was amazing and we were constantly feeling that we are in very safe hands after surgery. Now at present we are enjoying a far much better quality of life than we had before this surgery. We have visited our son at Australia stayed there for around 4 months. We walked a lot throughout our stay and visited almost all tourist destinations. We even visited Melbourne cricket ground during India vs Australia cricket match and sent our pics to our operating doctor because we knew Dr. Maharshi is an avid cricket fan!!! We seriously believe that we are very satisfied with our knees now and thankful to god and Aditya Hospital team for giving us stable, painless and very mobile legs.“

Meenaxi Bhatia

Age at the time of surgery 59 yrs.
Operated for total hip replacement.

I had got operated for neck femur fracture years before but due to malunion of fracture and resultant shortening I could not walk without limp. I had very much difficulty in stair climbing, cross leg sitting and walking for even short distances. I heard about Aditya Hospital from one of the BSNL employee and visited it. First I was been examined thoroughly and then I was informed about actual problem in my hip joint in detail and in very simple language which I could understand without any difficulty. After admission in Aditya Orthopaedic Hospital I was been treated very warmly from hospital staff. They took utmost care of smallest of my need. After operation I started walking very well on my affected hip in no time and that pain which I had since years was gone!! I have started going for morning walk daily. I have visited Kutch ranntosav this year and stayed in tents too! In my whole trip from my travel in a car to walking in a great run of Kutch I did not have any problems. I am seriously thankful to Aditya Hospital team for providing a quality of life which I wanted since years!! I suggest everyone who is reading it that don’t neglect your hip pain and take treatment as early as possible for it.

Varshaben Patel

Age at the time of surgery 60 yrs.
Operated for Revision total hip replacement

I was operated for partial hip replacement before 10 years for fracture around hip but, unfortunately due to fall down the artificial ball got broken again on 14th January 2014 which gave me a terrific pain and discomfort. I must thank Dr. Maharshi and Dr. Amit who attended me in emergency even on a national holiday (makarsankrati/ uttrayan) and my revision surgery was planned for very next day. Doctors explained me that it was a tough job to revise it as the previous implant was well fixed with cement and was broken. Seeing to the confidence of the doctors I allowed them to proceed further and believe me it was one of the wisest decision of my life. The surgery went uneventfully and I was relieved of my sufferings. Now I can walk again like I used to walk earlier as a normal person and can carry out all my routine activities.

I would like to thank again both the doctors and their excellent team of attendants and physiotherapists who took very good post-operative care too.

Mr. Abedin Bohra, Jhabua, MP

Age at the time of surgery 45 yrs.
Operated for total hip replacement

I got an accident in 1998 which caused hip injury and got healed in 2 yrs. But after that the ball(head) of my hip got avascular necrosis i.e. loss of blood supply. Then I contacted Dr. Amit and Dr. Maharshi at Aditya Orthopaedic Hospital. I underwent Total Hip Replacement in 2008 at Aditya Orthopaedic Hospital. I got all right and painfree. I don’t feel any problem now. I do all my work and daily routine by myself. I am really thankful to my doctors.

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