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Personalized Physiotherapy Center & Rehabilitation Program

Expert Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitaion Center

We have been fortunate to have such an expert and sincere physiotherapist at our Aditya Orthopedic Hospital and simultaneously we are proud about them also. Dr. Bhavin Desai and Dr. Raj Abhishek Singh are extremely talented and enthusiastic physios who are always there for our patients after fractures and joint replacement surgery.

Why physiotherapist is required after orthopedic surgery?

Physiotherapy plays a very big role in relaxing, stretching, training and strengthening the concerned limb muscles and ligamentgs pre and post surgery and invariably helps patients to get rapid and amazing recoveries of their bone and joints problems. At Aditya Orthopedic Hospital, we have a dedicated physiotherapy department which has every essential equipment which is required for post and pre operative physiotherapy like short wave diahermy, IFT, tracation devices, paraffin wax bath, ultrasonic wave machine etc.

Our all indoor patients get round the clock visit from our physiotherapist and they are being provided very personalized form of rehabilitation program. We also have specific timings at morning and evening OPD for our outdoor and follow up patients also to provide them physio care under our direct observation. We also provide home visit for our operated patients for some time till they are mobile enough to visit our outdoor patient department. And believe us we make our patient visits us much sooner on their own feet before they could have anticipated!

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