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Trauma & Fracture

Trauma & Fracture Surgery Hospital in Ahmedabad

Traumatic injuries due to various kind of accidents may they be domestic or road traffic one impacts heavily upon an individual’s life. With the patient his/her relatives also suffer a large extent of physical and psychological stressed due to these unfortunate and unforeseen events.

Trauma induced injuries required urgent and comprehensive medical attention, careful monitoring of patient’s vital organs like heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, liver etc., prompt stopping of post traumatic bleeding, quick medical and nursing response in terms of injections and Iv fluids, dressing and splinting of injured limb, prompt imaging of injured part through x-rays, ultrasonography, CT scans and MRI.

Trauma & Fracture Surgery Approach


We at Aditya Orthopedic Hospital follow these all above mentioned protocols of trauma management exceedingly well and our quick, polite and expert nursing and para medical staff would do every bit from their behalf to ensure that you get best possible trauma care at our hospital. Add our orthopedic surgeon’s thoughtfully planned treatment options into it and you are at the safe place to get your loved one treated for traumatic fractures and/or bleeding injuries. Orthopedic surgeons at Aditya Orthopedic Hospital are very well experienced one at world’s best institutions to handle any kind of complex fracture and dislocations surgery.

Trauma & Fracture Surgery Counselling

Aditya Orthopedic Hospital also has all the modern instruments and equipment like power drills, bacterial filtrations systems, oxygen supply, IITV etc. which shall make your loved one’s treatment and surgery a much easier and comfortable for them. Our expert and kind hearted physiotherapist will propel patient’s recovery after surgery in a right directional linear and smooth curve for sure. We also make it sure to call our patients for regular follow up visit and our orthopedic surgeons who have treated them in the first place are the only ones who check upon them. We at Aditya are always ready to answer your smallest query with utmost attention. Aditya Orthopedic Hospital’s goal is to give all mobility and quality of life back to our trauma and fracture patients.

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